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Leap Motion is breaking down barriers between
humans and technology. All that's missing is you.

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Meet Syntellia: The first Leap Fund investment whose Artificial Intelligence-based insights will shape the post-touchscreen experience.

Our daily lives are often filled with complex computer interactions that feel unnatural and unintuitive, but we've been trained to tolerate them.

Leap Motion removes barriers that currently exist between people and technology, fostering an exciting new era in computing. The technological breakthroughs from Leap Motion provide a powerful platform for building richer, more intuitive applications and experiences.

To accelerate the development of these revolutionary experiences, Highland Capital Partners has formed the Leap Fund™, a $25 million investment initiative focused on building game-changing companies to solve human scale problems. From everyday interactions at work or at school, to demanding industrial environments, Leap Motion will transform how we interact with the world around us.

Thousands of designers and developers are already producing amazing applications with Leap Motion. Highland Capital Partners wants to support those efforts and help bring new ideas to life.

We've figured out how to consume and replace things with technology. What we haven't really figured out is how to use technology to create or explore things. That's what we're passionate about, and thousands of developers are already utilizing Leap Motion to create the future.
David Holz, co-founder and CTO, Leap Motion
We believe the most impactful applications built with Leap Motion will come from entrepreneurs that push the technology in inventive new ways.
Manish Patel, Partner, Highland Capital Partners
Seeing what people build on top of our platform is the highlight of each and every day at Leap Motion. We're excited to work with Highland Capital Partners to accelerate these ideas.
Michael Buckwald, co-founder and CEO, Leap Motion
It's incredibly rare for a company to have enough potential to warrant an investment program dedicated solely to its technology. We look forward to working with Leap Motion to continue to grow its already flourishing ecosystem.
Peter Bell, General Partner, Highland Capital Partners

What type of startups does Highland want to invest in with the Leap Fund?

We want ideas that can grow into thriving, impactful businesses that use Leap Motion's technology. These could be companies that deploy apps in Airspace ™, Leap Motion's app store, or companies that embed Leap Motion's technology directly into hardware, services or a larger software suite outside of Airspace.

The bottom line is the bigger the idea, the better. The potential is huge and entrepreneurs will be the ones that maximize it.

How do I get my idea considered for the Leap Fund?

To start, you can fill out the form below to get on our radar — but you shouldn't stop there. We encourage you to get in touch with us directly as well. If you have a breakthrough idea, we're sure you'll figure out a way to break through to us.

Are there specific criteria you are looking for?

The criteria for Leap Fund investments cover a number of factors, the foremost of which are a team's vision and their ability to execute on that vision.

Teams interested in receiving an investment should articulate how their service or product leverages Leap Motion's technology in a unique and powerful way. We encourage companies to build demos rather than limit themselves to words on slides.

Someone on the team should also be familiar with how to build Leap Motion applications. You can sign up for access to the Leap Motion SDK here.

What type of investments does the Leap Fund make?

We will start with early stage investments, which could range from seed to Series A.

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